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Heart To Heart, Heart And Soul

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

So, let's have a heart to heart.

Let's both pour out and enrich our heart and soul.

We all want to have precious time with loved ones.

We want to live healthy long lives, and many of us want to have an impact.

We want to impact those we love and those who love us, and maybe the world.

To do that, we may want to pay close attention to what our hearts and souls are telling us.

What we need more of, and what we need less of.

What we need to do more, and what we need to do less.

Of course, the American Heart Association Life's Simple 8 gives us a great guide on what to do more of to have healthier hearts: healthy nutrition, exercise, sleep, normal weight, no smoking, normal cholesterol levels, normal blood sugar levels, and normal blood pressure.

Let's make it our goal to personally, individually, and as a collective community achieve and maintain all 8. This is for our hearts.

Reach out to your primary care provider and/or cardiologist today to learn more about heart health and make sure yours is under control and managed well.

We are always also here to help at My Heart Risk in Cancer. Reach out today.

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