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When The Heart Calls

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Sometimes the heart calls you to listen closely and hear the heart's cry.

Sounds poetic, doesn't it?

It's true though.

Sometimes the heart beats differently, faster, irregularly, or with missed or skipped beats.

Sometimes the heart is physically weak. Sometimes the heart fails.

When the heart cries out, we should listen.

Our lifestyle habits, both physically and emotionally can affect the heart.

The heart can physically (and emotionally) break, so we should do all we can to protect the heart.

A heart healthy diet, exercise, and sleep can help protect your heart. Your heart can also thrive when your cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and weight are normal. Avoiding smoking also protects your heart. These are called Life's Simple 8 by the American Heart Association. Check in with yourself daily to see where you stand with these 8 components. How are you doing with protecting your heart? Is your heart crying out with joy at how well you are doing, or is your heart crying out for help. Physically help your heart by pursuing Life's Simple 8 as much as you can. Emotionally help your heart by checking in with family, friends, your primary care provider, and any other specialists recommended by your primary care provider.

Reach out to your primary care provider and/or cardiologist today to learn more about heart health failure and make sure yours is under control and managed well.

We are always also here to help at My Heart Risk in Cancer. Reach out today.

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