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When Cancer Spreads - Part 2

Many of you are wondering and worrying about what happens when cancer spreads, such as when cancer spreads to the brain, or when cancer spreads to the bones. I know there are lots of great places online for you to find answers from an oncology standpoint to these very tough questions you face. First of all, I am so sorry if you are going through all of this. Second of all, let me give you some thoughts from a cardiology perspective. This time I want to touch on how preserving your heart health can potentially help prevent (the spread of) cancer.

Studies suggest that individuals who have heart attacks may be at higher risk of developing 1) new cancer, 2) cancer coming back, or 3) cancer spreading. This may be because of shared underlying risk factors, and also associated inflammation.

Studies also suggest that developing heart failure may lead to higher risk for cancer as well.

Then cancer treatment themselves - medications and radiation - can in turn lead to more heart problems even 5, 10, 15, or 20 years later.

So, cancer and the heart have an intertwined relationship, and to protect your heart means fighting cancer, safely.

Reach out to your primary care provider, hematologist/oncologist, and/or cardiologist today to learn more about heart health, in the setting of having ever been diagnosed with cancer or wanting to prevent cancer, and make sure yours is under control and managed well. We are always also here to help at My Heart Risk in Cancer. Reach out today.

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